Southern Estate Brokers is connected with a number of local auction houses and auctioneers, another addition in our long list of client services. In some cases, an auction may be the most profitable avenue to take when liquidating specific items. For example, if a rare piece of antique jewelry, furniture, china, sterling, etc. comes across our path and we know there is a significantly competitive market for it, forcing buyers to outbid each other would raise the ceiling on how much we could potentially sell for. Additionally, when dealing with a large set or series of items, the easiest way to find an interested buyer would be auctioning off the entire collection as a whole. On the other hand, if there are individual pieces within the collection that are more sought after, it may be more profitable to auction off those separately, rather than lumping it in with the rest of the lot. Of course, there are plenty of other circumstances that would make an estate auction the most practical choice in monetizing your property, as opposed to an estate sale. Working with liquidators that know when to implement this method and how to execute it efficiently is extremely important, and is a defining characteristic we pride ourselves on at Southern Estate Brokers.

Our services are based out of Southeast Louisiana, specializing in locations such as: Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, St. Tammany Parish, and Tangipahoa Parish, as well as many other local areas.